Understanding Your Home’s Sewer System: Tips for Maintenance and Troubleshooting

For a well-functioning sewer system, you need to be aware of the issues that it may face from time to time. If you encounter a foul odor, slow drain, water backing up, build-up of grease or trash, etc., these are warnings your sewer system requires troubleshooting. You must contact the best plumbers in your town for the proper functioning of your home’s sewer. The plumbing lines must be fixed in a timely manner to help your sewer system work properly, and for that, you can do the following:

Clean the Clogged Drains

It is not advisable to drain down the non-biodegradable waste, grease, chemicals, etc., down the drain. You must clear the drains with liquid drain cleaner instead of the hard ones to avoid the solidifying of your sewer pipes. You can even contact the drain cleaning experts to take care of your clogged drains.

Keep Your Trees Maintained

Old and ill-maintained tree roots can interfere with your sewer lines. It is advisable to prune the branches and have the tree roots removed that are near the sewer system. You can call an arborist to do the same. A good plumber will help advise an arborist on where to cut the old tree from the rootsso that there is no harm done to plumbing and sewer lines.

Carefully Dispose Of Your Garbage

Garbage disposal must be carefully done to avoid any type of damage or clogs in the sewer system. You must avoid putting the non-biodegradable waste and oil down the sink, which may clog the drains. While disposing of the garbage tit-bits of food and washing your utensils, always run the cold water or put the drain cleaning solution. It will clear your drain pipes properly.

Address the Cleaning Requirements of Sewer Lines

Your building’s sewer lines are directly connected to the kitchen and bathroom. It is always advisable to throw the garbage from the kitchen and bathroom into the garbage disposal bags so that they do not clog your drains. If the sewer system shows some issue in proper draining, contact the professionals immediately. Mostly air pressure and hydro-jet tools are used to push the clogs out of the drainage.


Sewer lines in your home area are crucial aspects of the drainage system because they are directly connected to your kitchen and bathrooms for proper disposal. However, a little bit of the issue can lead to health hazards. So, get the water damage restoration done immediately to ensure proper functioning. You can contact the Best Plumbers in Salt Lake City from 1st American Plumbing, Heating, and Air Company for proper maintenance of your sewer system.

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