Understanding Scary Noises From Air Conditioners And What To Do

Even while modern air conditioning systems are quieter than ever, let’s face it — they all produce some noise. However, there can be an issue if your system makes loud, disturbing, or eerie noises as it functions. Without first confirming the particular situation, we cannot say. Still, we can give you the names of four typical noises that should be reported to a professional and get AC Repair.

What Spooky AC Sounds Mean


Screeching often indicates that your fan motor or compressor is the source of the problem. When the fan runs, you will hear the noise if your fan motor is the issue. The problem is with your compressor if you only hear the screeching sounds when your air conditioner turns on. If so, turn off your air conditioning system right away.

Buzzing Sounds

Your air conditioning system may begin to buzz when a contactor relay switch is malfunctioning. Whenever it receives a signal from your thermostat, this part is intended to turn on the outdoor condenser unit. Unfortunately, once a qualified expert examines this problem, you can turn on your air conditioner. Do not disregard your system’s electrical issues. Your central air conditioning system will suffer serious harm. As a result, it necessitates Air Conditioning Repair in Riverton.


A hammering sound from the outside unit indicates an issue with the compressor. This item is designed to transport refrigerant to various A/C system components to eliminate extra heat from your house. It is typical for parts to come free inside the compressor as your central air conditioning system nears the middle or end of its lifespan. These dislodged parts striking the unit’s structure produce a banging noise.


The drain pipe may be blocked or damaged if your air conditioner makes gurgling or bubbling noises while running. Shut off the system and check the drain line if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, make time to see a technician who can open the line.

Riverton residents, If you hear any of the sounds mentioned above, you should get in touch with a professional right away to get your AC Repaired and tested before a minor issue becomes more serious. Therefore, getting your AC examined every six months is always ideal to ensure that it doesn’t create any strange noises that can disturb you. 1st American Plumbing, Heating & Air is the most trusted and professional company to provide top-notch HVAC services.

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