The Dangers of Delayed Water Damage Restoration

Water damage becomes an expensive affair, especially during the rainy season. Powerful pipe bursts often need urgent attention. Sometimes you won’t see any signs of water damage or tend to ignore it as it is not that severe. This matter requires urgent attention from the plumbers, who will identify the issue and take steps to resolve it. Apart from this, it is vital to determine the root cause and the dangerous situations that might arise as you delay the water damage restoration:

Health Implications

Living in a home with water damage leads to potential illnesses. Each has its struggles and costs involved. Delaying it will make daily difficult, and reversing the situation is impossible if left unattended for extended durations.


Pipes continuously exposed to water lead corrode over time. Sometimes rust formation takes place when consumed by drinking water or while bathing. It often leads to skin issues like acne and iron toxicity and permanent health issues.


Leaving standing water as it is for a long time leads to mould formation. Mold has adverse implications on one’s health, and those exposed to it experience issues like troubled breathing, heightened allergies, and respiratory infections. It often leads to severe problems like brain fog.

· Bugs

Stagnant water leads to bug breeding. Avoiding water damage restoration will lead to spiders, bugs, and other unwanted insects entering the premises. It will bother your house and life, so hire the best plumbers to tackle the situation.

*Electrical Damage and Collapsing Drywall

Drywalls are porous and exhibit a smell when exposed to water. Behind the drywalls lies the wiring network and insulation, increasing the likelihood of electrical shocks, fire, and moulds as water remains within them.

*Rotten Carpets and Warped Floorboards

Water causes temporary damage when it gets within the carpets. Over time it degrades the fabric by getting inside the padding underneath. The carpet’s padding starts molding and damages the floorboards lying under it. The carpet will be the slightest cause of concern even when it gets ripped up, but it will make the floor structurally unfit and calls for a water-damage rebuild.

*Depreciate Home Value

No one wants to reside in a musty home. There is a strong possibility that homebuyers won’t invest in a house with a musty whiff. They will start negotiating with you even if they want to stick around. To prevent such situations consult water damage restoration services to get the value you deserve.

In Conclusion, Ensure that issues related to water damage must be taken seriously, as neglecting them will make them worse. Call the first line of defense and the Best Plumbers in Midvale area. The experienced team has been eradicating issues due to water damage for years and prevents them from returning. If you are experiencing a problem, don’t hesitate to contact the 1st American Plumbing, Heating & Air Service team & fix the issue in no time!

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