The Evolution of Furnace Technology: From Traditional to High-Tech

Technology evolves every year to provide a better user experience and ensure improved performance. So, furnace makers also have tried to refine the technology to give more comfort to users. The best plumbers work with other HVAC specialists to install and repair your furnaces. But, how do traditional furnaces differ from modern high-tech models? Learn more about the evolution of technologies used in the heating units.

Heating methods in the ancient age-

Ancient people used to rely on simple heating practices on colder days. They used open fires as the source of heat to beat the cold. Greeks were the first to create central heating systems with hypocausts (a heating process that causes hot air circulation within walls and underneath floors). It was a better solution compared to open fires.

Furnace in the 19th century-

People in the 19th century found a combination of cast iron radiators and steel coal furnaces to design an improved central heating system. The invention of the forced air furnace effectively delivered heat. Over time, oil and gas-fueled furnaces entered the market. Several households started depending on gas furnaces to heat the rooms on winter days.

How is modern furnace technology?

You can notice improvements in thermostat and furnace technology. Although there is no significant difference in the exterior design, the integrated technology has undergone transformation. High-tech features enable furnaces to check their performances and adjust automatically. So it is easy to regulate the heat inside the house. Today, some furnaces can be controlled using your smartphones and voice commands.

Innovative furnaces of premium brands are highly energy efficient. These advancements allow users to minimize the cost of heating the room. If your old furnace is increasing your energy bill every year, you may replace it. The reputed plumbing companies have professionals who provide different services like furnace installation and drain cleaning.

Some energy-efficient heating units allow you to adjust the fan speed based on your needs. With this technology, the furnace addresses hot and cold spots in your house.

Delayed airflow is another innovation in the furnace manufacturing industry. If there is no delayed airflow and you activate your furnace, then the fan starts working simultaneously with the heating system. It leads to cold air blasts through the vents until your heating unit warms up. However, the blower delay feature ensures the ducts are heated up before the flow of air.

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