Replacing a Showerhead: DIY Installation and Troubleshooting

Well, you do not require any previous plumbing experience or call a plumber to change your showerhead. It is one of the easiest DIYs you can perform at your home. However, if there are other requirements, such as getting a ceiling shower head, wall mounting of showerheads, or rain shower heads, then reach out to the best plumbers in the town. It will require full-fledged plumbing knowledge, and you must hire a professional for the same.

How to DIY Install Your Showerhead?

Step 1: Get Necessary Tools

You will need a new showerhead along with tools such as cleaning rags, Teflon tape, slip-joint pliers, an adjustable wrench, and a wire brush. Make sure that your knobs are turned off to avoid any leakage. Shut off the water supply to avoid water wastage.

Step 2: Replacing the Old Showerhead

If your showerhead is screwed too tightly, you can use the slip-joint pliers to unscrew it. You must turn the showerhead counterclockwise to loosen it. Keep the cleaning rag on the floor where you are unscrewing the showerhead. Moreover, another clean rag must be put over the shower arm to avert any damage while unscrewing. For applying more force, always use the adjustable wrench. It will twist the showerhead easily.

Step 3: Apply the Teflon Tape Securely

You must tape the shower arms securely with Teflon tape. Wrap around two to three times in the same direction, which is clockwise, around the shower arm. The tape must be embedded in the threads properly. It will not let the tape come off when securing the new showerhead.

Step 4: Installing New Showerhead

You can take any design of the showerhead, such as wall mount, top mount, or handheld shower. Attach it to the shower arm and screw it clockwise. Take the rag or clean cloth to secure the shower arm and new showerhead. Use the adjustable wrench to turn the showerhead clockwise as much as it will fit into the shower arm.

Step 5: Turn The Water On

It is the last step performed by your plumber, too. Turn the water supply and then the new showerhead. If you notice any water leakage, re-apply the Teflon tape and tighten the showerhead a little more.


A few models of showerheads may need plumbing experience to be appropriately installed without damaging your bathroom walls. Hire the Best Plumbers in Riverton from 1st American Plumbing, Heating, and Air Company. We also provide water damage restoration and drain cleaning services. Call us today!



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