Price of Central Air and How to Save Money

Cool, refreshing air from an air conditioning unit gives you relief from the summer’s heat. A central AC allows the cool air to circulate through ducts. Registers and supply ducts carry the chilled air from the AC to your home. But, what is the price of the central AC? How will you save money even if you run your air conditioner regularly? Find the detailed information before making a deal.

Make your budget before buying the central AC

The cost of a standard central AC ranges from $3,800 to $7,500. However, the size of your central air conditioner may affect the total cost. For instance, the price of a 1.5-ton central AC starts from $2,500. On the contrary, the price of a 16 SEER AC is over $3,700. Larger houses need more power cooling units. So, the upfront investment varies due to several factors.

Moreover, you need to rely on HVAC Services to install the central AC. Not every HVAC expert charges the same rate for installation services. Complex AC systems make the installation costs higher.

How will you save money as a central AC user?

You may purchase the central AC off-season and look for discount offers from the Heating and Air Conditioner brands. There are some ways to save money on AC operation costs.

Close blinds and curtains-

Rooms facing the sun become hot during the daytime in summer. The thermostat near the room will interpret the temperature, and the AC will cool every room. To reduce strain on the AC, you can draw shades and shut blinds.

Turn on the ceiling fan-

Run the ceiling fan and increase the thermostat setting by almost 4 degrees. It will never affect your comfort. Make sure the ceiling fans run in a counterclockwise direction in summer.

Avoid activities that make your rooms hotter-

From oven to dishwasher, different appliances conduct heat. Thus, you must not use them at midday when the exterior temperature is maximum. Try to wash your dishes manually and choose a microwave instead of using traditional ovens.

Vents should be clear-

The cool air should flow freely to make you feel comfortable throughout the day. So, check registers and vents to prevent any blockage. It is the best way to let your AC run efficiently.

You can now buy the central AC in Draper and try out these cost-saving practices. It is also essential to call Air Conditioning Repair in Draper professionals to service your cooling system.

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