How to choose the right furnace filter: Understanding the different types and their benefits

Changing the furnace HVAC filter is something every conscientious homeowner regularly does. After all, the filter prevents particles and dirt from damaging the blower fan and compressor.

But, when you visit a neighborhood department shop, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of products available. Various air conditioners are on the market, and knowing which is best for your home’s heating and cooling needs may be challenging.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to choose the optimal heating and air filter for your device.

Different Types of Furnace Filters for Heaters

HEPA Filters

Although HEPA filters are often used in standalone air purifiers, they are increasingly installed as part of central air systems to ensure clean air is circulated in the furnace. Certain HEPA filters use UV radiation to eliminate living infections and denature and neutralize biological organisms as they pass through the filter. They perform a great job of cleaning the air within your house, making it safer and more comfortable to live in.

Synthetic and Fiberglass Media Filters

A filter made of synthetic or fiberglass for your furnace may be replaced for very little money. Fiberglass and synthetic filters keep the system’s heat exchangers, motors, and other moving components clean and dust-free. Your furnace’s inner workings will be protected from dirt and dust thanks to these filters’ ability to trap bigger particles. Although they permit optimum airflow in your system, they do not filter out dangerous particles that might create long-term health issues.

Carbon Filters vs. Polyester

These filters are available in standard sizes with the highest caliber construction. Polyester filters capture large particles at a rate of 80%-95%. Polyester filters, which are four times more costly than fiberglass or synthetic filters, provide superior protection against contaminants that may cause health concerns.

Pleated Filters

Because of its design, pleated filters have more surface area to filter through. They are often crafted from polyester or cotton that has been densely woven. The fiberglass filter may be seen through because of its open weave, whereas the pleated filter seems more substantial.

Final Words

With the information above, you may choose a furnace that works well for you. You can also select HVAC Services in Midvale, which offers the best furnace filters per your need. You can seek 1st American Plumbing, Heating, and Air for the best furnace filter repair.

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