Causes of low water pressure and methods for troubleshooting and resolving the issue


Do you get frustrated seeing the weak water trickling while planning to shower or do the dishes? Are you constantly facing the trouble of low water pressure in your taps? If yes, this might have its roots in your house’s plumbing system. So, locating the problem at the earliest and nipping it in its bud is ideal. In such a situation, a skilled plumber can quickly identify the issue and devise the proper measures for troubleshooting. To understand the situation clearly, let’s first delve into the probable causes of this issue.

Causes of low water pressure

There are a plethora of reasons that might lead to low water pressure. The most common causes are as follows:

Sedimentation: The most prevalent reason for low water pressure is sediment buildup. Sediment refers to particles found in water, like sand, rust, calcium remains, etc. The accumulation of these may lead to the corrosion of the inner tank, and it eventually leaks. The sedimentation ultimately lowers the water pressure.

Problematic valves: If the stop cock, also known as the home cutoff valve, is temporarily closed and never fully reopened again or the water company’s meter valve isn’t fully opened, then the water pressure may decrease randomly.

Faulty Aerators: The aerators decrease the amount of water coming from your tap without changing pressure. However, if it has mineral or rust accumulation, low water pressure may result.

Ways to Fix Low Water Pressure Issues

1. To break up and remove clogs — Using a drain cleaning solution and a drain snake is ideal. If it fails, call the best plumber to reach these hard-to-reach obstructions without using harmful chemicals that might damage pipes.

2. For dealing with a faulty valve — It is advisable to ensure the handle is parallel to the pipe and then the valve is turned anticlockwise to open fully. One may also resort to an efficient plumbing solution provider company to check the meter shutdown amount because these valves can be tricky to access, and a professional or the best plumber of the service provider can handle this issue seamlessly.

3. If the aerator is the source of the problem, then one must remove the aerator to check if it needs to be cleaned. You may scrub it well before replacing it.

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