Avoiding Common Water Damage Restoration Scam Attempts


If your home has suffered from water damage due to a storm, flood, or plumbing issue, it is essential to act immediately to mitigate the damage. The professionals from 1st American Plumbing specialize in repairing and restoring residential water damage.

Water Damage Restoration: What to Consider?

You should first evaluate the situation and consider the following factors before deciding whether you should clean up the area yourself or hire water damage restoration experts:

Water Volume

If you have the right tools, you can usually handle small or moderate amounts of water on your own. It might be best to call a professional if significant flooding doesn’t seem to be going away despite your efforts.

During natural disasters or large floods, when your home has experienced significant damage, it might not be advisable to undertake a DIY project. Let the experts handle these repairs according to the instructions provided by your local disaster relief authorities.

Source of Damage

It would help if you determined where the water is coming from before you can begin Water Damage Restoration in Salt Lake City . When you have a flooding issue in your home, you must watch out for three types of water.

  1. Clean water:

Rainwater or leaky pipes do not contain harmful chemicals, so that you can handle them yourself with no problem.

2. Gray water:

Gray water leaking from appliances such as dishwashers, toilets, and washing machines can be slightly contaminated. Cleaning this yourself is possible with the proper precautions.

3. Blackwater:

As the most harmful type of water, blackwater comes from sewers or floods from nearby water sources. It is often associated with health hazards, and handling it can be dangerous.

Damage Level

Last but not least, you should assess the extent of the damage. Homeowners often can handle light wear on their own, but significant damage can be hazardous to repair without professional help. It is impossible to restore the damage to the ceiling if flooding on an upper level seeped through the floor.

Restoring water damage requires the expertise of a professional

Water damage can be stressful for you, so that you can restore your home to standard with the right partner. If you want your water damage problems to get solved early, then we got your back — we are available 24X7 for your service.

Suppose you’re seeking help and guidance, or the water problem got out of your control. In that case, it is always better to seek professional advice — contact the best water damage restoration company 1st American Plumbing, Heating & Air in Salt Lake City, to resolve all your problems.

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