5 Reasons You Need an A/C Tune-Up


Warmer weather has arrived in Utah, and the temperatures are starting to rise. Throughout the year, most home owners don’t give much thought to their A/C unit. When the summer heat starts to get uncomfortable, we switch on the air conditioning and comfortably go about our day. Regrettably, overlooking your A/C could lead to decreased efficiency and costly repair charges.

Temperatures in the Salt Lake Valley can reach above 100 degrees in the hot summer months. If you’ve been taking your air conditioner for granted and ignoring regular maintenance of your unit, chances are you’ll be stuck in an over-heated home when your air conditioner faces the pressure of working overtime for you.

Just like your vehicle, your A/C needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. The demand on air conditioners here in the desert is high, so you want it running at peak-performance. These tune-ups will ensure your unit can handle the demand of the hot summer months ahead.

Here are five reasons we suggest every homeowner get an A/C tune-up this season.

Maintain the Comfort of Your Home

The first and most obvious reason we suggest annual A/C tune-up is to keep your home temperatures comfortable for you throughout the hot summer months. No one likes uneven temperatures in their home. If one room is ice-cold and another room feels like a sauna, your AC unit needs maintenance. Keeping the temperature consistent allows you to relax indoors, sleep better, and keeps the air quality high.

Air conditioning and heating systems also drastically improve the quality of our indoor air. They reduce allergens and pollutants in the home, and that creates a healthier home environment. No more sniffling and sneezing.

Prevent an Unexpected Unit Failure

Your air conditioner has various parts and fluids inside that need regular attention. Part of the A/C tune-up involves cleaning coils, pressure and fluid checks, capacitor testing, and more. When any of these parts have issues or fail, your unit’s output will drastically be affected, or worse, stop.

Frozen coils or refrigerant leaks aren’t something you can see as a homeowner, but issues like these are often prevented by having regular A/C system check-ups. The last thing you need when temperatures reach the century mark is to discover there’s an issue with your air conditioner.

Save on Your Power Bill

Lots of homeowners skip regular air conditioner maintenance because they don’t want the added expense. But ignoring this important service could end up costing them more in the long run by unit failures as we mentioned above or in monthly costs.

The average American household’s annual spend on heating and cooling totals approximately $2,200 each year. Seasonal tune-ups can lower utility bills by 15 percent or higher. Combine that with regular filter replacement, and you’ll save even more.

Prolong the Equipment’s Life Span

When your A/C system is regularly maintained, it will experience less strain throughout the hot summer months. Having a system that runs at maximum performance with well-maintained parts and fluid levels keeps the pressure off of the condenser and motor.

Leaks and blockages are detected easily during a regular A/C tune-up, and parts are easily replaced. This inevitably prolongs the equipment’s life, keeping you cooler longer. A well-made, well-maintained air conditioner should typically last 12–17 years.

Maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty

HVAC manufacturers offer strong equipment warranties, covering the system for five years or more. But unfortunately, people unintentionally void their warranty by not keeping up on regular A/C unit maintenance.

Work with a trusted heating and air conditioning company to perform regular tune-ups on your A/C unit and keep records of each service and repair. If the time comes that you need to show proof that you’ve been keeping up with maintenance requirements for your air conditioner to use the warranty, you’ll be covered.

Your air conditioner is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. It keeps you comfortable during the sweltering summer heat, and it keeps contaminants and allergens low so you and your family can enjoy higher-quality air. Be sure to keep your A/C running at maximum efficiency by scheduling regular A/C tune-ups with your local HVAC expert today.

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