3 Crucial Plumbing Problems You May Face After Thanksgiving Party


Common plumbing mishaps may occur during Thanksgiving holidays because of the clogged drains, disposing not so good things in toilets, and dumping that big pumpkin pie down the kitchen sink. Thanksgiving is seen to be the busiest time for the plumbers, as oozing water from drains or the trash of pumpkin pie can be an unsightly vision. Let us now see what all plumbing issues mostly occur during Thanksgiving time.

Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Cleaning Services Midvale

Drainage Problem with Kitchen and Bathroom Drains

With wholesome cooked food like mashed potatoes or starchy foods, a few party guests or especially children may throw it into the kitchen drain. This can clog the drains badly as greasy food glues to the kitchen pipes. This can cause the garbage to float in the sink that is a real issue.

On the other hand, bathroom drains are also not far behind, as almost every party guest will be using your bathroom. It becomes a common sight during this time that your sinks, toilets, etc. gets clogged up badly. So, both these issues can be solved by hiring a local plumbing service for cleaning the drains using modern tools and equipment.

Sewer Clog Issues

Main sewer lines can get clogged up with food and toilet waste that can lead to many unsightly problems and will make the area look messed up. Even you can see the smell oozing out of the drains and sewer line. The grease build-up or foreign objects in the sewer line can lead to hassle I disposing of the waste from your kitchen or toilet. It calls for professional plumbing services from an experienced service provider who will use a sewage ejector pump to throw out the trash from your home.

Problem with Your Dishwasher

The dishwasher and kitchen drain pipe are one, so you need to be extra careful when cleaning the dishes. The thanksgiving meal not disposed of in the trash can lead to clogging the dishwasher and ultimately the pipes. You will experience water bailing out that is not funny. So, cleaning the dishes of any food waste will help you to keep the drain blockage at bay. Even clean the basket of the dishwasher too. You can even call the garbage disposal service if you are experiencing any problem with the waste clogged in your drain.

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